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Smart Implants for the Treatment of Chronic Spine Pain

Chronic Spinal Pain

SmartImplantSystems, Inc. is developing sensor-driven, patient-specific spinal systems for the treatment of chronic spine pain. Based in Maple Grove, Minnesota, we endeavor to have our products approved worldwide. Our smart implants are capable of collecting and sending data from the implant; as well as, deliver pain therapy treatments via radiofrequency waves. This allows the patient to be treated on a recurring basis, post surgically.

Our spine implant would provide both consistent monitoring and pain relief solutions via radiofrequency technology.

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About Us

SmartImplantSystems, Inc. is a medical device company involved in the development of sensor-driven spine implants for the treatment of chronic back pain. In January 2014, Dr. Nazmi Peyman, a pain specialist, invented and patented the technology. In 2016 Dr. Peyman and Dr. Omid Souresrafil, an internal medicine doctor and medical device startup expert, founded the company to provide more advanced real solutions for long-term back pain sufferers. These are patients who have had little or no success with other pain management treatments.

Once approved, we will offer patients relief to undertake simple daily tasks free of their discomfort. Patients can then live normal lives, free of the debilitating pain associated with spinal cord injuries and arthritis.

Mission Statement

The mission of SmartImplantSystems, Inc. is to develop sensor-driven, implantable spinal devices for the treatment of chronic back pain.